About the Group

62 years being passionate about glass. Since the company was set up in 1959, at Pontevedresa we have remained loyal to our founding principle: to bring glass to people ensuring safety, resistance, lightness, energy efficiency and avant-garde looks.


Our two manufacturing centres (over 20,000 m2) have been built according to a new production concept adopting the Industry 4.0 model, consolidating us as one of the most important companies in Spain


Equipping our production centres with energy-efficiency and water-saving technologies has resulted in a 30% reduction in consumption, optimizing the use of natural resources.

International presence

We undertake projects in glass in collaboration with constructors, developers, and architects and interior design studios in several countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.



Trustworthy technology

Throughout the years, Pontevedresa Industrial has successfully established a relationship of trust with many multinationals in various industrial sectors. In 2015, our company reached the highest level of cross-cutting technology in central and northern Spain by incorporating a line of curved tempered glass for ultra-thin thicknesses to meet the needs of the automotive and rail industries.




Imagination that glows.

At Ceptual, we believe that ideas are the greatest source of imagination, providing a springboard for new architectural realities. Every day we endeavour to make glass technology an evolving and sustainable means through which imaginative ideas and novel concepts can shine.

We develop advanced materials, combining science and art inspired by the avant-garde ideas of architects and design professionals.