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Trustworthy technology.

Throughout the years, Pontevedresa Industrial has successfully established a relationship of trust with many multinationals in various industrial sectors. In 2015, our company reached the highest level of cross-cutting technology in central and northern Spain by incorporating a line of curved tempered glass for ultra-thin thicknesses to meet the needs of the automotive and rail industries.

Given the growing complexity of the technical environments facing our clients, we are increasingly aware that what we do as a strategic supplier can eventually affect their reputation. Inconsistent quality, logistical inefficiency and inadequate production processes are critical factors from a supplier’s perspective.

We concentrate all our efforts on developing and improving a perfectly adapted value chain

With that in mind, we have focused our efforts on developing a value chain that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of each project. We create highly customized or standardized products, on a large or small scale, using cutting-edge glass technology. Our own logistics network allows for the perfect integration of a highly flexible, lean manufacturing system.

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