Heat curved glass line

Curvam® technology

Heat curved glass is obtained by slowly heating flat glass to its point of plasticity, when it begins to bend and is then adapted in a made-to-measure mould.

Once the desired shape has been achieved, a key process known as annealing or slow cooling will determine the visual and structural quality of the end product.


Curvam® is highly versatile and offers a wide range of structural options. Curved glass ranges in thickness from 4 mm to 19 mm.


Controlled cooling prevents residual stress in the glass and is inherent to the manufacturing process.


The resistance of heat curved glass will increase once it has been laminated to other glass. This process increases safety levels and holds the glass together in the event of breaking.

Applications with heat curved glass

Curvam® RAL or PANTONE colours in transparent, translucent and opaque curved glass.

Lamidur® is laminated technology that increases the safety features of heat and curved tempered glass, with significant advantages of comfort and safety, such as acoustic attenuation, UVA protection, Vanceva® colours, armoured glass, as well as manufacture in all types of layers, with selective Low-E and/or solar control.

Ceptual® Metalfeel incorporates into curved glass metallic materials such as large-format, thick meshes, in which different wefts and sections are shown in gold, silver and copper, and a wide variety of ad hoc metallic colours are added to transparent, translucent and opaque curved surfaces.

Ceptual® Feel, collections of texturized curved glass, incorporating fabric, technical fabric and paper, into vitreous materials with different levels of transparency, translucency or opacity.

Ceptual® Inflexion, vitreous materials where light is an important feature and is reflected on the surface of curved tempered or heated glass. Effects of light on vitreous surfaces.

Ceptual® Horizons balustrade systems in curved glass that define new horizons of freedom, where structural robustness intensifies transparency and visual lightness.

Curvam® double glazing, where units of curved glass enhance thermal insulation, for both heat and tempered Curvam TGP®, with all variants of layers, for thermal insulation (Low-E), and solar control or selective layers. High-tech convection means that Pontevedresa Group’s TGP® tempered glass can provide solutions with minimal distortion.

Safety and aesthetics using Curvam® curved technology, a material suitable for ceilings. Curved glass with multiple finishes: texture, RAL colours, metallic or mirrored, where co-creation leads to specialization. Bespoke manufacture to ensure that curved glass meets all project requirements. The inclusion of other optical properties that generate effects makes this an ideal material for play of light.