Curved and flat laminated glass line


The infinite expression of glass.

Lamidur® is the result of laminated applications developed by the Pontevedresa Group over the years, leading to a broad spectrum of new glass-based components that combine features such as safety, and acoustic and energy efficiency with state-of-the art design. To that end, the group has a manufacturing centre dedicated exclusively to laminated glass technology and its continuous evolution.

Market needs are increasingly demanding and standardized. Compliance with these requirements is transformed into features that add value to the Lamidur® product.

Safety and resistance

It holds together in the event of breaking. This is possible because several sheets of glass are bonded together by one or more interlayers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), with a minimum thickness of 0.38 mm. Laminated glass provides a high level of safety in the event of breaking because the glass stays bonded to the interlayer, preventing it from shattering.

Conservation and maintenance

Certain resistances and parameters can be increased by using special interlayers that lend greater resistance against hygroscopic conditions, moisture and salinity, for example, compared with conventional laminated glass.

Acoustic and energy efficiency

Lamidur® filters ultraviolet light, reducing the need for cooling in buildings, vehicles, vessels and trains.

This advantage combines with sound insulation, thanks to special interlayers that effectively reduce external noise, making laminated glass the best option for vessels, vehicles, lifts, façades and other glazing solutions.

Mechanical efficiency

Lamidur® is extremely resistant to impact and other external stresses. The tempered version provides a much higher structural resistance than untreated glass.

Aesthetic and customized features

We work closely with our clients to find the best customized product in Lamidur®. The interlayers used for laminating glass offer numerous possibilities in terms of design and customization. Main features:

  • Transparency and colour
  • Opaque and translucent finishes
  • Different percentages of light transmission
  • Wide range of insertions: images, prints, diodes, fabrics, engravings, plates, meshes, fibres, papers, etc


Materials, technical characteristics and applications. This is why laminated glass is crucial in many sectors of the industrial market.


Lamidur®’s versatility means that it can be used in large-scale and smaller projects that require a wide range of measurements, thicknesses and finishes. Capacity for manufacturing in great thicknesses.

We manufacture curved and flat laminated glass

As a manufacturer of curved tempered and laminated glass, using Lamidur® technology, Pontevedresa Group provides customized solutions for various industries, including the transport sector.

Pontevedresa Group manufactures curved and flat laminated glass. With 60 years’ experience, the technical department provides made-to-measure cross-cutting solutions for construction, architecture and interior design, also in curved and flat tempered laminated glass.

Cutting-edge technology for the manufacture of Lamidur® Laminated Glass

Curved or flat laminated glass featuring high levels of safety, acoustic and energy efficiency, and avant-garde design for a laminated glass that meets safety requirements.

Lamidur TGP® tempered laminated glass that combines the technical features required by legislation for applications in buses, trains, vessels, lifts, automatic doors and furniture, as well as stairways, glass balustrades, non-slip flooring or walkways, walls with integrated doors, façades, etc.

We manufacture solutions with Lamidur TGP® tempered laminated glass for a wide range of industries. Pontevedresa Group, an industry 4.0 company at the forefront of glass technology


Vertical facings

Lamidur®TGP technology is used to technically adapt tempered laminated glass materials for difficult facings, which are complicated in terms of appearance or installation. Tempered glass contributes considerably to the structural properties of a glass wall by raising safety levels when spaces are divided by fixed panels containing tempered laminated glass doors. Ceptual® Structural Smooth or texturized laminated glass can be applied as a single dividing feature with a transparent, translucent or opaque appearance.

Ceptual®Structural Laminated glass doors with structural and safety properties for the desired optical or visual effect: designs, RAL colours and textures. Multiple ad hoc features enhance the surface or interior of the glass, for solutions with systems or fittings.

Ceptual Protect Solutions with laminated glass for special applications such as sliding partitions. Large-format sliding panel of laminated or tempered glass for more space or greater intimacy in the home, with Lamidur® technology as a guarantee of safety.

The technical department of Pontevedresa Group provides solutions for indoor and outdoor panels, decorative linings and light panels. Critical applications are developed with special new materials and mechanical anchors for tempered laminated glass.

Pontevedresa Group, high-tech for a cross-cutting approach to tempered laminated glass—any finish for any application

Ceptual® Color New collection of laminated glass in RAL or PANTONE colours, with transparent finishes and degree of translucency or opacity according to project.

Ceptual® Metalfeel Metallic materials, such as large thick meshes, added to laminated glass.

Ceptual® Feel Collection of texturized laminated glass with varying degrees of opacity, translucency and transparency, for creating and defining private spaces with fabrics, technical fabrics and papers.

Ceptual® Inflexion vitreous materials that reflect the importance of light on the surface of laminated or tempered glass. Effects of light on vitreous surfaces.

Ceptual® Horizons glass balustrade systems that define a new horizon of freedom, where structural robustness intensifies the transparency and visual lightness of the laminated glass. Designed to withstand extreme loads, absorb lateral forces of up to 1 and 3 kN for areas of high transit. Both versions comply with the most demanding construction and safety regulations, are easily assembled with safety wedges and two installation options: top fix or face fix.

Horizontal facings

Ceptual® Griptech glass stairways are a guarantee of safety for people and property. Glass stairways of steps anchored to the balustrade and/or tempered laminated glass wall with structural properties. Approved level of slip resistance for steps, depending on whether the application is indoor or outdoor, private or public.

Ceptual® Griptech The structural safety of laminated glass for flooring, technical floors and glass walkways, non-slip properties fully compliant with the toughest building and safety regulations and standards. For public or private areas, whether indoor or outdoor.

Safety and good looks make Ceptual® Protect an ideal material for exceptional ceilings. Laminated glass in multiple finishes—design, colour, image, metallic, mirrored—and special artisanal glass products for this collection of laminated glass adaptable to very special projects. When illumination properties are added to Ceptual solutions, the result is an ideal material for light play.

Ceptual® Acoustic Solutions using glass with soundproofing properties for silence and tranquillity. Acoustic laminated glass, a useful feature for insulation, applicable on façades and interiors.

Ceptual® Protect Armoured laminated glass by Pontevedresa Group, designed to provide high levels of protection, with high quality glazing. Armoured glass is basically composed of glass, intermediate plastic layers and polycarbonates. These materials are laminated together to ensure appropriate protection against munitions.

Ceptual® Rockskin The fusion of glass and stone, the result of years of continuous research. A new generation of materials fuse light and stone, using Lamidur® technology to combine the real texture of natural rock and the full potential of laminated glass in a single surface.

Ceptual® Magnetic Lamidur® laminated glass technology for manufacturing and developing solutions using magnetic glass; it can also be used as a board. Laminated safety glass for walls and doors, and a partitioning feature with magnetic properties. Also available in large format.