Nature and conservation, our origin and destiny

Our glass surfaces are the result of concentrating the power of nature into highly sustainable transformation processes, using base minerals—silica, sodium carbonate and limestone—along with a wide range of natural elements, such as textiles, wood, metal, stone and other minerals. This is how we preserve the purity and natural origin of all our products as opposed to using synthetic materials, while remaining loyal to our mission of bringing glass ever closer to people.

Continuing to increase the sustainability of all our production processes and to achieve a zero carbon footprint is, however, part of our current strategy. At the Pontevedresa Group, we go beyond the legally required parameters by creating our own master sustainability plan, which has enabled us to reach landmarks hitherto unheard of for the glass industry.


The sun is now powering a glass production centre.

In 2015, the Pontevedresa Group installed a photovoltaic plant on the roof of its main manufacturing centre, establishing itself as the first company in the sector to introduce this sustainable system.

Limitless water reuse.

More than 11 million litres of water are treated and reused throughout our production processes. If we didn’t do this, we would be wasting the water resources needed to the supply a city of over 116,000 inhabitants.

Our state-of the art technology has successfully reduced energy consumption by 20%.

Our manufacturing processes include technologies that are increasingly energy efficient. In fact, our latest curved glass tempering furnace is the largest of its kind to minimize heat loss.