Double-glazed curved glass line

Flat and curved double-glazed glass technology: Super Sealed Glass (SSG)

Double glazing comprises two or more pieces of glass separated by dehydrated air-filled cavities, which include a component that absorbs any moisture from the air within.

This glazing unit provides thermal comfort by eliminating the ‘cold wall’ effect in areas near the glass and by reducing condensation on the inner glass.


Glass manufactured using insulating Curvam® technology:

  • Reduces noise
  • Prevents condensation
  • Controls and regulates light transmission
  • Protects against heat and cold, by regulating loss and/or entry
  • Brings significant savings in energy consumption (heating and/or air conditioning)
  • Reduces C02 emissions
  • Is not difficult to install and is highly adaptable

High precision continuous sealing process

Double glazing technology uses a continuous spacer bar or profile, provides all the guarantees of double glazing and is also used for buses and coaches, railways and vessels.

  • Minimizes the transmission of moisture vapour
  • Improves ambient comfort and well-being near windows
  • Offers excellent colour stability and resistance to condensation and mildew
  • Offers great durability for sustainable performance