Advanced production centre

Building the factory of the future today

The Pontevedresa Group has over 20,000 m2 at two manufacturing centres, which house the production lines of flat and curved tempered glass, flat and curved laminated glass, heat curved glass, double glazing, screen printing and printing, and etching, as well as a wide range of special products. A state-of-the art intelligent warehouse and a logistics centre complete the setup.

Clustering technologies of transformation.

With a new line of the most advanced curved tempered glass on the market for large-scale thicknesses of 3 mm to 10 mm, the Pontevedresa Group has consolidated one of the most cross-cutting industrial glass projects in Europe, thereby strengthening its position as a technological leader distinguished by continuously envisaging the glass materials of tomorrow today.

Using more automated and interconnected processes.

Both manufacturing centres are built according to a new production concept adopting the Industry 4.0 model, whereby processes are automated and interconnected through the Internet of Things, encompassing a wide range of operations from intelligent storage and cutting lines, to the digitization of monitoring, follow-up and traceability.

To continue being an industry ally.

Counting on the support of the sector’s most specialized glass professionals has inspired our technological approach for several decades. The high demands of their markets have dictated and continue to guide the way our manufacturing centres evolve. And it is our intention to continue supporting their day to day by providing quality service in the face of a highly challenging and dynamic environment.