Total quality in every mm2 of end productour goal.

Continuing to bring glass to people calls for highly reliable glass products, whose level of perfection in terms of performance and finish is evident in every millimetre of transformed surface. For the Pontevedresa Group, total quality is the result of a production system that has become a benchmark in the sector over the years, contributing to the transformation of glass from a fragile material to a prime example of resistance, safety, optical quality and avant-garde looks.

We combine technological intelligence and the power of human sensitivity.

The road towards Industry 4.0—totally automated and interconnected through the Internet of Things—began over six years ago with the gradual introduction of a pioneering system of traceability and control, which has minimized the possibility of imperfections in the end product. That and the support of a great technical team, distinguished by a wealth of experience and fine attention to detail, mean that Pontevedresa Industrial can guarantee the highest quality standards in each square millimetre of transformed product.

The result is that quality audits reflect our daily modus operandi.

We design our production processes in line with a Total Quality System (TQS) audited in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001, whose aim is to ensure the continuous improvement of these processes. We have also introduced an Environmental Management System, in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001, which guarantees respect and protection in line with the objectives of our master sustainability plan.

The Pontevedresa Group is approved in accordance with Regulation 43 for automotive safety glazing, which has made Pontevedresa Industrial a supplier of reference in the sector for several decades.

Finally, the effect of Industry 4.0 on all our production centres means that it is possible to reproduce certified processes with absolute precision, 365 days a year, ensuring the highest level of demand for quality, on a large and small scale, regardless of the levels of complexity and sophistication inherent to the challenges posed by our clients.