The culmination of decades of continuous improvements.

Since introducing the first tempered glass furnace in northern Spain, in 1989, the Pontevedresa Group has concentrated on stretching the boundaries of conventional techniques. These efforts culminated in 2015 with the development of TGP® technology, the most advanced modular line for curved tempered glass in Europe; the first of its kind built with European technology, according to Pontevedresa Group specifications.


Sixteen times more resistant to bending than granite.

More resistant to compression than cast steel.

Capable of going beyond theoretical strength limits.

TGP technology has a proven capacity for producing glass materials with a level of resistance to bending that exceeds the theoretical limit required by legislation.

Unprecedented levels of strength, resulting in a reduction in glass thickness in a range of applications

Guaranteeing levels of planimetry and optical quality, highly valued and recognized by the sector’s most demanding professionals.

Minimizing the risk of spontaneous breakage.

Using the Heat Soak Test for critical applications minimizes the risk of spontaneous breakage resulting from unstable nickel sulphide inclusions. Tempered glass is heated to 290º C to accelerate nickel sulphide expansion, anticipating the risk of spontaneous breakage of higher risk pieces, in compliance with EN 14179.

Keeping people safe with advanced micro-fragmentation.

In the event of breakage, TGP technology ensures that each fragment has at most the equivalent thickness of glass, thanks to the optimal parameterization of the thermal shock applied to the surface of glass during the tempering process.

Our own tempering formula that redefines conventional techniques

Numerous conventional sources state that “glass is uniformly heated at a temperature higher than the softening point of 700º C”. After three decades of continuous research, our technical team has discovered alternative processes, based on the thermal optimization of the surface of glass at the heating and cooling phase, generating a level of extreme tension in the glass and placing leading-edge TGP technology at the forefront of the sector in terms of mechanical strength.

Manufacturers of tempered glass

At Pontevedresa Group, we manufacture TemperedGlassPlus® tempered glass, providing customized solutions for various industries like the transport sector and architecture.

State-of-the art technology for manufacturing flat tempered glass

Suppliers of TemperedGlass Plus® (TGP) tempered glass, safety glass that provides high resistance to impact and high optical quality for use in various applications for buses, special vehicles, and the railway and naval sectors.

Multiple applications of TGP® tempered glass for interior design

– Glass balustrades

Ceptual® Horizons glass balustrade systems are approved for interiors and façades, providing safety solutions for balustrades at height and in areas of high footfall. High-tech tempered glass where structural robustness intensifies transparency and visual lightness.

– Doors:

TemperedGlassPlus® technology stretches current boundaries to achieve high levels of mechanical resistance for tempered glass interior doors manufactured by Pontevedresa Group. Series of finishes, depending on transparency, shine, colour, design, texture, metallic look, etc, for specific visual effects through multiple ad hoc options applied to the surface of tempered glass.

– Furniture

Pontevedresa Group manufactures all kinds of furniture from tempered glass because of the high mechanical resistance and flexibility achieved using TemperedGlassPlus® technology. Anti-stain and anti-fingerprint technology provides high resistance to scratching, ensuring cleanliness and durability of tempered glass in applications for hotels, restaurants and hospitals—any place where safety is paramount.

– Bathrooms

Ceptual® Bath Collection shower screens with high levels of safety, clean lines and optical quality. Surface designs offer decorative and aesthetic possibilities for tempered glass, providing both safety and security.

Ceptual® Cleantech tempered glass shower screens with anti-corrosion sealant to protect the glass surface against wear and tear without losing transparency. Keeping the glossy appearance of tempered glass and minimizing the frequency and times of daily cleaning are important considerations in the hotel sector. Tempered glass with 10 years’ warranty

Ceptual® Intimacy collection of tempered glass shower screens, where the shower mirror is a safe material for this enclosure. Tempered mirror with a percentage of transparency that allows for different levels of intimacy through light play.

Pontevedresa Group manufactures customized tempered glass shower screens and offers a variety of ad hoc solutions for the contract sector, by integrating the most innovative glass fittings and systems in Europe.

Ceptual® Bath Collection

– Bathroom countertops

Ceptual® Bath Collection is a safe tempered glass solution for kitchens and bathrooms. Resistant, easy-to-clean materials for total cleanliness and durability. Anti-stain protection and resistance to scratching safeguards the tempered glass countertop against juice, perfume and cosmetic product spills, and against the effects of frequent use.

– Walls

TemperedGlassPlus® technology developed by Pontevedresa Group for tempered glass. Collections with smooth or texturized finishes applied to vertical facings: transparent, translucent or opaque vitreous materials for lining walls and partitioning rooms. Pontevedresa Group’s tempered glass adds safety to the structural properties of glass walls when spaces are partitioned with fixed and integrated tempered glass doors, and when a sliding wall or a large-format glass unit is moveable. The importance of light and its effects on textures adds value to this tempered glass, with possibilities for perimeter and backlighting.

– Stairways

Ceptual®Griptech tempered glass stairways are a guarantee of safety for people and property. Glass stairways made of steps that can be anchored to balustrades and tempered glass walls with structural properties. Approved levels of slip resistance for steps depending on whether application is indoor or outdoor, private or public.

Safety and good looks make tempered glass an ideal material for ceilings. In addition to its properties, tempered glass contributes value to the space through design, colour, images, metallic finishes and tempered mirrors. Illumination properties make it an ideal material. Ceptual® Inflexion glass ceilings with light for interiors.

– Walkways

Ceptual® Griptech tempered glass for flooring, raising safety levels through mechanical resistance and non-slip properties for private and public spaces.

Ceptual® Vision, processed using TemperedGlass Plus® technology, enables viewing of TV, LCD or high resolution plasma screens. A high-performance material that can be applied to vertical and horizontal facings, combining safety and resistance with a mirror effect.