TGP technology CURVAM®: Tempered Glass Plus® – Curvam®

The culmination of decades of continuous improvements

Since introducing the first tempered glass furnace in northern Spain, in 1989, the Pontevedresa Group has concentrated on stretching the boundaries of conventional techniques. These efforts culminated in 2015 with the development of TGP technology, the most advanced modular line for curved tempered glass in Europe, the first of its kind built with European technology, according to Pontevedresa Group specifications.

Bringing to life a new generation of stronger, more reliable and lighter curved tempered glass

Sixteen times more resistant to bending than granite.

More resistant to compression than cast steel.

Capable of going beyond theoretical strength limits.

TGP technology has a proven capacity for producing glass materials with a level of resistance to bending that exceeds the theoretical limit required by legislation.

Unprecedented levels of strength, resulting in a reduction in glass thickness in a range of applications.

Keeping the symmetry and continuity of the angle of curvature, and the optical quality of reflection and refraction.

Minimizing the risk of spontaneous breakage.

Using the Heat Soak Test for critical applications minimizes the risk of spontaneous breakage resulting from unstable nickel sulphide inclusions. Tempered glass is reheated to 290º C to accelerate nickel sulphide expansion, anticipating the risk of spontaneous breakage of higher risk pieces, in compliance with EN 14179.

Keeping people safe with advanced micro-fragmentation.

In the event of breakage, TGP technology ensures that each fragment has at most the equivalent thickness of glass, thanks to the optimal parameterization of the thermal shock applied to the surface of glass during the tempering process.

Our own tempering formula that redefines conventional techniques

Numerous conventional sources state that “glass is uniformly heated at a temperature higher than the softening point of 700º C”. After three decades of continuous research, our technical team has discovered alternative processes, based on the thermal optimization of the surface of glass at the heating and cooling phase, generating a level of extreme tension in the glass and placing leading-edge TGP technology at the forefront of the sector in terms of mechanical strength.

It should therefore come as no surprises that in recent years leading glass experts have partly based their models on research carried out by members of the Pontevedresa Group.

We manufacture curved tempered glass

At Pontevedresa Group we manufacture curved tempered glass TemperedGlassPlus® – Curvam, providing customized solutions for the industrial, transport, construction and interior design industries.

We manufacture curved glass to our own specifications, providing solutions for different market sectors.

We use cutting-edge technology for curved tempered glass. Curvam® TGP

Suppliers of curved tempered glass Curvam TGP® 3mm for the transport sector and other industrial applications for which material weight is important.

Curved tempered glass is a safety glass that provides high resistance to impact, minimizing the risk of spontaneous breakage. It also maintains the symmetry of the angle of curvature, along with the high optical quality required for creating critical applications for buses, special vehicles, and the railway and naval sectors.

Curvam® TGP technology for curved tempered glass for architecture. High resistance to impact, minimizing the risk of breakage, and high optical quality, for use in various critical applications. The series of transparent, translucent and opaque finishes, and designs (mirrored, RAL colours, metallic, images etc.) provide the specific options required for architecture and interior design.

Multiple applications for interior decoration

– Balustrades

High-tech Curvam® TGP curved tempered glass, where structural robustness intensifies transparency and visual lightness, for curved balustrade systems with safety solutions for people and property.

– Stairways

Stairways made of curved tempered glass are a guarantee of safety, offering solutions with step systems anchored in curved glass balustrades with structural and safety properties for people. Ceptual®Griptech

– Walls

Curvam TGP® Smooth or texturized curved tempered glass applied as vertical facings. Transparent, translucent or opaque glass curves for wall panels or room partitions. Tempered glass contributes considerably to the structural properties of curved glass walls, ensuring mechanical resistance and high levels of safety when spaces are partitioned. The prominence of light is seen in the effects it produces on certain textures, adding value to curved glass. Ceptual®Inflexion

– Ceilings

Movement, safety and lightness make Curvam TGP® curved tempered glass a suitable material for application to ceilings. In addition to the safety properties of tempered glass, the curve contributes movement that helps define space, when paired with designs, colour, images, metallic and curved tempered mirrors. Illumination properties make it an ideal material for curved glass ceilings.

– Façades