Imagination that glows.

At Ceptual, we believe that ideas are the greatest source of imagination, providing a springboard for new architectural realities. Every day we endeavour to make glass technology an evolving and sustainable means through which imaginative ideas and novel concepts can shine.

We consider space an experimental destination that is constantly evolving. That’s how we understand the world. Our vocation, materializing pioneering concepts through glass technology. For that purpose, we create advanced materials, combining science and art inspired by the avant-garde ideas of architects and design professionals. Every year our innovation department develops more than 350 new glass-based compositions for the world of architecture and design. Every day an innovation is processed at one of our manufacturing centres.

A new community of co-innovation

In 2015, to continue facilitating the transition from concept to space, Ceptual set up the Glass Experimentation Centre: the first community of co-innovation involving professionals from the fields of architecture, design and glass, alongside universities and other industries, as part of research and development in manufacture.