Painted glass line

Lamidur® technology

Painting on glass achieves smooth, colourful decorative glass through the application of organic paints with screen printing and UV inks with digital printing.

Decorative glass coloured using organic paints is done either by screen printing for drawings and shapes or by using a roller to partially or completely colour the glass. Glass can be customized with colour guide paint (RAL or Pantone), according to the design chosen by the client.

Painting by digital printing means that UV inks can be used to add photographs and drawings to glass compositions. These photographic motifs are sandwiched between laminated glass, resulting in an end product that is both resistant and safe.


Painted glass is exceptional:

  • Screen printing is applied to all thicknesses from 3 mm to 19 mm
  • Paint durability is enhanced and will be protected once the painted glass has been subjected to a Lamidur® laminating process
  • The resistance of printed glass will be enhanced once it has been laminated with other glass. Safety features are reinforced, preventing detachment in the event of breaking