Etched or frosted glass line

Etched or frosted glass line

A decorative technique used to achieve a frosted look and certain visual effects, through sandblasting or acid etching. In both cases, the end effect is a translucent appearance with good light transmission, while safeguarding privacy because this kind of glass is not see-through.

Different designs can be applied to glass using this technique: images, logos, slogans, etc.

Etched or frosted glass allows for different light transmission indices, as well as a variety of textures and customized designs.

Etched or frosted glass will maintain the technical features and specifications chosen for the product: mirror-effect, extra clear, colour, tempered, laminated, etc.


Through Lamidur ®TGP technology etched or frosted glass is technically adapted for applications requiring safe facings. Tempered glass contributes considerably to the structural properties of an etched or frosted glass wall by raising safety levels when spaces are partitioned using fixed panels containing doors. Ceptual® Structural etched or frosted glass, with laminated and tempered technology, and a smooth or textured appearance, is applied as a single partitioning feature or as a translucent or opaque wall.

Ceptual® Structural etched or frosted glass doors with structural and safety properties for the desired optical or visual effect: translucent designs, RAL colours, textures and multiple ad hoc options, in addition to solutions with systems and fittings, according to project.

Ceptual® Protect solutions with etched or frosted laminated glass for special applications, such as a sliding etched or frosted glass wall, and large-format walls and doors for opening or closing rooms. Making home life easier—privacy through translucency, and communication through light.

Pontevedresa Group’s technical department creates wall coverings using ad hoc etched or frosted glass solutions for interior panels, and decorative, backlit etched or frosted linings attached to walls or fastened by mechanical anchors.

Etched or frosted glass by Pontevedresa Group, high-tech at the service of cross-cutting systems, in any application: Ceptual® Color the new collection of etched or frosted glass on RAL or PANTONE colours, depending on the degree of translucency or opacity required by the project.

Ceptual® Metalfeel incorporates metallic materials, vitreous surfaces with etching or frosting and translucency or opacity according to project, in addition to metal elements and large-format meshes.

Ceptual® Feel, collections of etched or frosted texturized glass, with varying degrees of translucency. Creating and defining private spaces by incorporating fabrics, technical fabrics, paper, etc.

Ceptual® Inflexion, vitreous materials through which light shines onto the surface of etched or frosted glass. Effects of light on vitreous surfaces.

Ceptual® Horizons, new balustrade systems decorated with ad hoc etching or frosting define a new horizon of freedom, where structural robustness intensifies transparency and visual lightness with partial etching or frosting of the glass. Designed to withstand extreme loads, absorb lateral forces of up to 1 and 3 kN for areas of high transit in both versions, in compliance with the most demanding construction and safety regulations. Easily mounted with safety wedges and two installation options, top fix or face fix.

Stairways with Ceptual® Griptech etched or frosted glass, guaranteeing safety for people and property. Glass stairways of steps anchored to the balustrade and/or etched or frosted wall. Structural properties and approved level of slip resistance for steps, depending on indoor or outdoor, private or public application.

Ceptual® Griptech, the structural safety of etched or frosted glass for glass walkways, paving and technical floors, whose non-slip properties are fully compliant with the toughest building and safety regulations and standards. For public or private areas, whether indoor or outdoor.

Safety and looks make Ceptual® Protect a suitable material for ceilings. Etched or frosted glass with multiple finishes—design, colour, image, metallic, mirrored—and special artisanal products. This collection of etched or frosted glass can be adapted to very special projects. When illumination properties are added, Ceptual® Inflexion is ideal for achieving light play on the surface of etched or frosted glass

Ceptual® Acoustic, solutions that incorporate frosted laminated glass with soundproofing properties, keeping noise out and peace in. Translucent etched or frosted glass applied to façades and interiors.

Ceptual® Inflexion adds illumination properties to etched or frosted glass, making it an ideal material for achieving light play.

Ceptual® Protect technology for Pontevedresa Group’s armoured glass with bespoke etching or frosting is designed to provide high levels of protection and quality glazing. One or more of the glasses that make up the laminated component are etched or frosted, for adequate protection against munitions.

Bathrooms Ceptual® Bath Collection, etched or frosted shower screen, combining translucency and maximum safety. Bespoke surface design permits a wide range of decorative possibilities. Glass is partially treated, and combinations of transparency and etching or frosting are explored.

Ceptual® Intimacy shower screen collection. The shower mirror provides a safe enclosure, where the blend of etching or frosting and mirror creates an intimate atmosphere inside the shower.

Pontevedresa Group manufactures customized etched or frosted shower screens, offering bespoke solutions for the contract sector by integrating the most innovative glass fittings and systems manufactured in Europe.

Ceptual® Bath Collection

The etched or frosted glass countertops in the Ceptual® Bath Collection are a sound solution for kitchens and bathrooms. Resistant, easy-to-clean materials for total cleanliness and durability against juice, perfume and cosmetic product spills.

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