Safety solutions for one of Barcelona’s most emblematic hotels


Immerse yourself in the spirit of Barcelona at the five-star NH Collection Barcelona Gran Hotel Calderón, previously NH Barcelona Calderón.

The hotel is built on the original site of the Teatro Calderón and has been fully refurbished in the last year. The theatre and the hotel were designed by the same architect: Josep Rodríguez Lloveras, a pupil of Puig i Cadafalch—one of the fathers of Catalan Modernisme design.

The hotel’s strategic location in the heart of the city requires the terrace to be a safe yet visually open space. One solution is Ceptual® Horizons for glass balustrades, which fully ensures safety in a recreational area at height, certified by Lamidur® high- tech for laminated glass by Pontevedresa Group.

Lamidur® is the result of laminated applications developed by Pontevedresa Group, which has led to the creation of a wide range of new vitreous-based components over the years, harmonizing features such as safety, and acoustic and energy efficiency with state-of-the art design. To that end, the group has a manufacturing centre dedicated exclusively to laminated glass technology and its continuous evolution.

Ficha Ceptual® Horizons Retour

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