Avant-garde design and innovative applications for a luxury hotel


Located between four nature parks, vineyards, volcanoes and La Caleta, one of the quietest areas of the island that has retained the authenticity of its fishing villages, stands the new luxury five-star hotel Royal Hideaway Corales Suites.

An avant-garde design by acclaimed local architect Leonardo Omar for this ground-breaking five-storey building, which is shaped like a ship and inspired by the corals that skirt the island, while elegantly blending in with the surroundings.

The innovative application Ceptual® Solid Color has been used to breathe life into an exclusive screen design where white transitions from intimacy to transparency. Chromatic stability and robustness are guaranteed by TGP-Temperedglass Plus® (TGP) tempered technology by Pontevedresa Group, which makes the material highly resistant to changing temperatures and high levels of humidity.

TGP technology has a proven capacity for producing glass materials with a level of resistance to bending that exceeds the theoretical limit required by legislation.

A new generation of stronger, more reliable and lighter tempered glass.


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