The launch of the most innovative line of curved tempered glass in Spain


Although it continues to be a family concern, the Pontevedresa Group has become a leader in the glass sector in Galicia and Spain, with great international projection through operations in France, the UK, Italy and the Maghreb.

In 1959, Francisco Barbeito Castro set up Cristalería Pontevedresa S.A., laying the foundations for a family business that would triumph, thanks to a remarkable ability to face the unknown. A commitment to pioneering technologies would become decisive for the future of glass over the years. In 1960, a silver nitrate solution was patented and used to manufacture mirrors, and, in 1989, the first line of flat tempered glass was produced in northern Spain.

In 2015, we reached a level of investment in sustainable innovation of over 33% of our turnover, with the incorporation of cutting-edge and efficient glass transformation technologies. We introduced the most advanced line of curved tempered glass in Europe for ultra-thin thicknesses and large formats, resulting in materials that are lighter and more versatile, yet safe and resistant. This has made Pontevedresa Group leader of the sector in Galicia and the second in Spain.

In order to continue developing smoother and more accurate innovation for clients, in 2015, the company underwent major restructuring, creating two new brands that will operate under the new corporate name of the Pontevedresa Group. Ceptual and Pontevedresa Industrial, two specialist brands providing solutions for construction and industry, equip the company with greater adaptability to the requirements of the different markets in which we operate.

Each of these brands will capitalize on more than 55 years’ experience, while achieving an unprecedented level of focus in the sector. The technical support teams, I+D departments and 20,000 square metres of manufacturing facilities signal the way to a new era for glass.

Industry 4.0

Both manufacturing centres are built according to a new production concept adopting the Industry 4.0 model, whereby processes are automated and interconnected through the Internet of Things, encompassing a wide range of operations from intelligent storage and cutting lines, to the digitization of monitoring, follow-up and traceability. Manufacturing processes that incorporate energy efficient technologies and sustainability.

At the Pontevedresa Group, every new product is the result of a cross-cutting process involving the entire organization. At the core, the Ceptual and Pontevedresa Industrial research teams receive daily feedback from the experience and know-how of all the professionals working at our manufacturing centres.



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