Naval companies visit Pontevedresa Group


On 7 June last, the Association of Metal Industries of Galicia (ASIME) organized an open day for naval companies at the manufacturing plant of the Pontevedresa Group.

The visit included the various production lines of flat and curved tempered glass, flat and curved laminated glass, heat curved glass, flat and curved double glazing, screen printing and printing, and etching, in addition to the intelligent warehouse and our I+D centre.

Pontevedresa Industrial is the first company within an independent group to specialize in global glass solutions for industry. We have 26 years’ experience as manufacturers for the various transport industries.

All our production lines can supply the naval industry:

  • TemperedGlassPlus®(TGP): the most innovative technology for greater resistance
  • Lamidur®laminated glass: mechanical, acoustic and energy efficiency. Aesthetic and customized features
  • Curvam® curved glass: resistance and safety. Versatile formats and a wide range of measurements

In 2015, we reached a level of investment in sustainable innovation of over 33% of our turnover, with the incorporation of the most advanced and efficient glass transformation technologies. We introduced the most advanced line of curved tempered glass in Europe for ultra-thin thicknesses of 3 to 10 mm, resulting in materials that are lighter and more versatile, yet safe and resistant. This has made the Pontevedresa Group leader of the sector in Galicia and the second in Spain.

TGP technology has a proven capacity for producing glass materials with a level of resistance to bending that exceeds the theoretical limit, keeping the symmetry and continuity of the angle of curvature, the optimal quality of reflection and refraction, and minimizing the risk of spontaneous breakage.

Pontevedresa Industrial is an approved company for using extra strong interlayers for safety glass, particularly indicated to withstand high impacts caused, for example, by hurricanes or bullets. By including interlayers, safety glass acquires superior rigidity to glass laminated with conventional interlayers. Another advantage is the capacity to achieve lighter glazing, with greater clarity and transparency, and to withstand high percentages of moisture and salinity.


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