Maximum efficiency and innovation in glass applications


Pontevedresa Group presents the latest innovations in laminated and tempered glass at Vigo’s Gran Hotel Nagari, the first 5-star boutique hotel in Galicia

The I+D department at Pontevedresa has created glass applications for all the rooms, something previously unheard-of in the hotel sector. These applications include Lamidur® printed and safety laminated glass, and TemperedGlassPlus® Vision, tempered glass with a mirror effect that enables viewing of high-resolution plasma TV and LCD screens.

At the Gran Hotel Nagari, Pontevedresa Group has shown that glass is extremely safe, reliable and versatile, and can greatly enhance any decorative surroundings.

Ceptual®: Efficient and innovative technologies

Lamidur® with printed PVB enables any application of laminated glass to be personalized with an image or decorative motif chosen by the client, whilst maintaining its property of laminated safety glass.

Together with the interior design team at the Gran Hotel Nagari, Pontevedresa customized architectural and decorative elements manufactured in Lamidur®, with images and motifs especially chosen for each room.

This personalization also extends to colour. Glass applications blend with the tone selected for the decorative surroundings.

With this project, Pontevedresa presents TemperedGlassPlus® Vision, innovative tempered glass with a mirror effect, at first sight a wall or division, transformed into a TV when the screen is switched on.

The new TemperedGlassPlus® Vision is a surprise feature in the hotel lobby, coffee shop or rooms where this new technology for accessing TV and the internet has been installed.




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