Translucent stone façade


First project of Ceptual® RockSkin: the Musée d’Art de Nantes, France.

The project for the Musée d’Art de Nantes, owned by Ville de Nantes City Council, is managed by prestigious international architect Stanton Williams.

Translucent, laminated marble, mounted with an air cavity, has been used for a curtain wall façade, which is back lit and changes in appearance depending on the time of day or night.

It has the same characteristics as a traditional curtain wall, with the aesthetic value of stone and the light play afforded by its translucency.

Ceptual® RockSkin is a new generation of smart vitreous surfaces, combining glass and stone in a single surface. The real texture of natural rock and the full potential of glass for interactive backlighting, with anti-detachment properties, strength and lightness, unlike conventional ceramic or stone exteriors.

CEPTUAL®is a brand developed by Pontevedresa Group to provide materials and advanced solutions for architecture. The development of any new product is the result of a cross-cutting process involving the entire organization. At the core, the technical support teams and I+D department receive daily feedback from the experience and know-how of all the professionals working at our manufacturing centres.

From this process comes Ceptual® RockSkin, a fusion of glass and stone, using Lamidur® technology, for the real texture of natural rock and the full potential of glass combined in a single surface. A high level of thermal and acoustic insulation is achieved by incorporating double glazing in critical applications.

More than 55 years transforming glass and techniques

In order to continue developing smoother and more accurate innovation for clients, the company has undergone major restructuring, creating two specialist brands that will operate under the new corporate name of the Pontevedresa Group. Ceptual and Pontevedresa Industrial, two brands that provide solutions for architecture and the industrial sector, equipping the company with greater adaptability to the requirements of the different markets in which we operate.




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