Expansion project for the treatment and transformation of flat glass


Welcoming a new era of ultra-high definition (UHD 1040px) ceramic printing on glass materials and lowering production response times were the main objectives of the Pontevedresa Group’s expansion project for the treatment and transformation of flat glass. A challenge of high-tech engineering for the oldest multisectoral glass industry in Spain. To that end, Pontevedresa Group has incorporated what is to date the largest automatic ceramic glass printer in Europe, operating with 24 heads simultaneously. This machine is part of a continuous line of pressurized compartments enabling the production of large-scale printed glass, up to 4m long × 2.44mm wide.

After much research, co-development, reparameterization and optimization of equipment and components, Pontevedresa Group now produces 4K resolutions in glass with vitrified printing, an unthinkable milestone in the glass industry until very recently. Using this technology for enhanced quality, the industrial division of Pontevedresa Group will become more competitive in the global automotive sector. Meanwhile, Ceptual, the group’s brand of advanced glass materials, has developed new collections of high added value for the bespoke architecture segment.

This project not only reasserts Pontevedresa Group’s position as a leading manufacturer in the global glass industry, it is also the driving force behind a great many subsidiary companies in the region. Unlikely as it may seem, the components that make up this new automatic printing line were manufactured in Galicia— technology 100% Made in Galicia. Consequently, the public resources of the regional government of Galicia and the European Union involved in this project have a direct return at every level of the region’s production chain, resulting in a multiplying effect on the generation of industrial wealth.

This business investment project has received funding from the regional government of Galicia through Igape and co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the 2014–2020 operational programme for Galicia, which represents 28% of the total amount of eligible items.


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