Ceptual®: High-end glass materials


This most symbolic of buildings in Madrid was built in 1957, on a strategic corner of the city’s Plaza de España.

A luxury hotel, in which Ceptual® has used exclusive materials for the interior design—Ceptual® Gold.

Ceptual ® Gold

A fusion of tradition—the artisanal application of gold leaf—and the most innovative industry 4.0 technology embraced by the Pontevedresa Group.

Patterns of gold adorn the wall mirror, and Ceptual® Gold features on the headboards in all 258 rooms. Octagonal mirrors with bevelled edges have been used in each room to soften the lines. And demister glass in the bathrooms enhances user-friendliness.

Ceptual® Protect

Safety glass features in the communal areas of the hotel. Semicircular mirrors light up the perimeter and translucent section of the gym, while other custom-made patterned mirrors embellish the restaurant. A balanced geometric design on safety glass in the lift area lends spaciousness to the long corridors.

In addition, 3000 bronze and gold safety glass circular units have been added to the wardrobes.

Innovative high-end vitreous materials by Ceptual® for the contractor sector.

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